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SLGs Value Added Services

As part of its holistic value-added services to its customers, Spring Lights Gas, (SLG) continues to emphasise on strategic relationships and innovative energy solutions to the piped and compressed natural gas markets in KwaZulu-Natal and Gauteng.

In the ever-evolving energy industry, two aspects of industrial operations will always remain paramount: SAFETY and EFFICIENCY. This was seen in SLG's Customer Engagement Session which was held in October 2019. Technical staff representing SLG's customers joined the seminar in which Safety, Legislation, Efficiency, and Emissions were discussed.

Grant Renecle, a boiler and combustion expert was the guest speaker and elaborated on the methods for customers to reduce their gas consumption to ensure optimised gas usage, minimum atmospheric emissions and maximum cost savings.

The outcome of this seminar was to provide insights into the gas industry and to ensure that customers have a better understanding of the following:
The safety and compliance associated with natural gas installations; Pressure Equipment Regulations
SANS 347 - Categorisation and conformity assessment criteria for all pressure equipment
SANS 329 - Industrial thermoprocessing equipment

The combustion process of industrial steam boilers.
Maximising and maintaining combustion efficiencies.
Improving boiler operations and boiler efficiencies
Atmospheric emissions reporting and the new Carbon Tax Act.

In addition to offering specific industry-related information sessions, SLG's customer value proposition goes beyond gas supply. Technical feasibility studies, regulatory licenses, installations, commissioning and post-installation technical and safety training are facilitated by SLG as value added services.
SLG's quest is to continuously ensure that maximum value is given to its customers, by providing unparalleled and technically sound energy advise through its in-house technical advisors.

T: +27 31 812 0555

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