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09/04/2020, 04:59 PM

BusinessFIT - Sharing An Understanding Of B-BBEE In The UK

BusinessFit returned from a further successful trip to the United Kingdom (UK). The purpose was to provide UK audiences with a deeper and more meaningful understanding of the structure and intention of...   More

31/03/2020, 10:12 AM


AIM FOR BEHAVIOURAL INTELLIGENCE - Cheryl Mackinnon Ever been in a role at an organisation where you know it's just NOT for you? Ever employed a person and soon realised they don't have the behavioural traits...   More

20/03/2020, 07:56 AM

HR Policy - CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19): - David White

POLICY: CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) This guidance should serve as the foundation for organisational decisions about health- and legal-risk mitigation. Being able to demonstrate corporate policy alignment with...   More

20/02/2020, 06:46 PM

Nigel Ward - Chamber Comment On SONA

The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry welcomes the opportunity to comment on His Excellency, Matamela Cyril Ramaphosa, President of the Republic of South Africa's 2020 State of the Nation...   More

20/02/2020, 06:42 PM

Minara Chamber - Graduates Networking Evening

The Minara Chamber of Commerce Graduates networking evening was recently held in partnership with Standard Bank Kingsmead. The event offered new graduates a platform to network and to gain advice on planning...   More

20/02/2020, 06:37 PM

Angie Clausen - A Career In Wellness

Angie "Abalisious" Clausen's professional career started in 2006 as a corporate account executive for United Business Solutions. Her primary focus was on office automation and CCTV systems. Angie thrived in...   More

20/02/2020, 06:20 PM

Elan Property - Shift Africa

Shift Africa is an eLan Property Group initiative, that combines corporate social responsibility with general business sense. Shift Africa empowers existing and prospective business owners, with the objective...   More

20/02/2020, 06:07 PM

CIPC - New Requirements

The Companies and Intellectual Property Commission's ("CIPC") Annual Return is a statutory requirement in Section 33(1) of the Companies Act 71 of 2008 (as amended) ("Companies Act"). The requirement means...   More

20/02/2020, 05:58 PM

LG Electronics - relocated its plant from Johannesburg to Durban

RELOCATION TO DURBAN ONE of the world's top electronics company, LG Electronics, has relocated its plant from Johannesburg to Durban, much to the excitement of job seekers. On 24 January the company unveiled...   More

20/02/2020, 05:55 PM

Patrick Deale - Power Hungry Unions

How does the Labour Court deal with unions who ignore the rules of orderly labour relations? We have a problem. The problem is that the rules of engagement are too often simply abandoned when some unions...   More

20/02/2020, 05:49 PM

SLG - Showers of Savings

In all industries around the world, the cost of energy (fossil, electrical, renewable and nuclear) has become more significant than ever before, negatively impacting on companies' budgets. South Africa is no...   More

20/02/2020, 05:41 PM

Cox Yeats - An Eventful Few Months

Cox Yeats Attorneys has had an eventful few months. The end of July 2019 saw the firm relocate to custom built offices on the Umhlanga Ridge, followed by a client event at the end of November 2019 to welcome...   More

20/02/2020, 05:29 PM

Jonathan Batho-Negotiating The Minefield Of Information Technology Contracts

As the technology sector presses further into business functions, processes, management analytics and even artificial intelligence (AI) enabled competitive advantage, businesses are required to adopt...   More

20/02/2020, 05:25 PM

New Blood At Cox Yeats

JONATHAN BATHO: Jonathan re-joined Cox Yeats at the beginning of 2020 as Team Leader of the firm's Information & Communications Technology practice, extending the firms' services portfolio to include its'...   More

20/02/2020, 05:17 PM

Capitol Caterers - A BUSINESS OF THE YEAR 2019

Capitol Caterers has been acknowledged for their contribution to the KwaZulu-Natal economy. Hot on the heels of receiving the Standard Bank KZN Top Business Award in the Business Services Sector in 2019,...   More

20/02/2020, 05:10 PM


If you own your own business, staying ahead of the competition by keeping your skills sharp and current goes without saying. "The only problem is that our time is often limited and wading through modules of...   More

20/02/2020, 05:00 PM

Melanie Veness - The PMCB Inaugural 2020 Chamber Lunch

OFF TO A SIZZLING START The inaugural 2020 Chamber Lunch was a rollicking affair on a typically hot summer's day, with a hint of Valentine's Day. Pietermaritzburg Midlands Chamber of Business CEO Melanie...   More

20/02/2020, 04:39 PM

Dr Fareed Amod - Straightening Teeth Without Visible Braces


20/02/2020, 04:32 PM

Blue Security - KZN Brand DNA

OUR HERITAGE Blue Security recently celebrated 30 years of service to the greater Durban community in 2019, with the company growing from a small local business into a trusted household name. Durban...   More

20/02/2020, 04:25 PM

Nikita Pillay - Policies And Procedures

Regardless of your organisation's size, developing formal policies and procedures can make it run much more smoothly and efficiently. They communicate the values and vision of the organisation, ensuring...   More

20/02/2020, 04:18 PM

ABSA Engages In Discussions On EWC With IRR

The Institute of Race Relations (IRR) recently met ABSA officials for an in-depth discussion on the matter of expropriation of property without compensation (EWC) and its consequences for South Africans and...   More

20/02/2020, 04:05 PM

Ross Andrew - Business Networking

The Why Why do we network our businesses? Although most people join a network to generate more sales, this is only one facet of networking and perhaps if this is you, you may well be leaving some money in the...   More

20/02/2020, 03:56 PM

PROMOTING KZN, ITS BUSINESSES AND PEOPLE - Standard Bank KZN Top Business Awards 2020

KZN Top Business is a unique content marketing company that creates and distributes relevant information about your business through a range of channels: print, digital, social, video, mobile etc. We assist in...   More

20/02/2020, 03:49 PM

Ilembe Business Confidence Index (IBCI)

Enterprise iLembe, in partnership with the iLembe Chamber of Commerce, Industry & Tourism, collaborate to produce the iLembe Business Confidence Index (iBCI), aimed at providing a biannual picture of business...   More

20/02/2020, 08:48 AM

Laiela Dorasamy - What Is Love?

Ahavah means to love and to give, which is exactly what we do, and what we love to help our clients to do, by sourcing the most relevant,impactful and outstanding gifts and promotional items, according to...   More

20/02/2020, 08:25 AM

Phindile Makwakwa - Do Romance In The Zulu Kingdom

Phindile Makwakwa, the acting chief executive officer of Tourism KwaZulu-Natal (TKZN), said, "After the kids have gone back to school, couples are often on the lookout for a short romantic holiday to reconnect...   More

20/02/2020, 08:07 AM

David White - Building A Nation

Looking forward into 2020 we feel positive that South African Entrepreneurs are going to play their part, and do what it is we are expecting from them... to innovate and create employment. As has been...   More

27/11/2019, 11:44 AM

Are You Acknowledging The Success In Your Organisation?

This edition of KZN Business Sense acknowledges the many men and women who have succeeded in their various endeavours, both individually and collectively, in a range of business enterprises around the province...   More

27/11/2019, 11:31 AM

PMCB - The Voice Of Business In Pietermaritzburg And The Midlands

The Pietermaritzburg & Midlands Chamber of Business (PMCB) is a voluntary association of business enterprises that came into being on the 25 July 2019, as a result of a decision to broaden the mandate of the...   More

27/11/2019, 11:12 AM

Ilembe Chamber of Commerce's Entrepreneur 2019

The winners of the Ilembe Chamber of Commerce's Entrepreneur 2019 were recently announced at a function held at the SMD Ballito showroom. The Entrepreneur is a flagship business accelerator programme...   More

27/11/2019, 11:03 AM

About MEC Nomusa Dube-Ncube

Leader of Government Business MEC for Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs. Previously, she was the MEC for Co-operative Governance and Traditional Affairs. Served as the Mayor of the North...   More

27/11/2019, 10:56 AM

MEC Nomusa Dube-Ncube - Committed To Working With Big Business

When we started this term of office, we committed the KwaZulu-Natal Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs (Edtea) to play a central role to ensure inclusive economic growth and...   More

27/11/2019, 10:45 AM

Invest Durban - Local Development Agencies Win The UN Award For The Mara Phones Investment In South Africa

Dube TradePort Special Economic Zone and Invest Durban won the coveted United Nations Award for excellence in promoting sustainable investment in special economic zones for South Africa. They, along with...   More

27/11/2019, 10:14 AM

Candice Padayachee - A practical look at the value of whistle-blowing tips and secure reporting mechanisms

Corporate governance and ethical culture have become increasingly important to businesses who are destined to succeed in our adverse economic environment. A significant result from KPMG's Fraud Barometer...   More

27/11/2019, 10:03 AM

Patrick Deale - Bad Company

Should an employee still be reinstated if a dismissal is unfair but the working relationship has broken down? This is what the Labour Appeal Court (LAC) had to consider in the recent Afgen appeal. S193 of...   More

27/11/2019, 09:21 AM

Roslyn Argall - Is Local Really Lekker?

The phrase - "Local is Lekker" has been coined by those encouraging local purchases. But is it really the best option for us? Let's find out. While international products are sometimes necessary, maybe even...   More

27/11/2019, 09:05 AM

Ross Andrew - Can You Handle More Business?

I am sure that most business owners would answer an emphatic yes to this, but before we do, we should look at our staff , our systems, our cash flow and our marketing strategy... Are we really ready for that...   More

26/11/2019, 06:31 PM

Marikah Calo and Benjamin Meadows - Can Set-Off Be Used By Banks?

The National Credit Act receives further clarity - common law set-off cannot be applied to regulated credit agreements. "That the National Credit Act 34 of 2005 (NCA) is not a model of clarity, has been...   More

26/11/2019, 06:23 PM

Cox Yeats Corporate & Natural Resources Team

Our goal is to provide practical, efficient and cost effective solutions to legal challenges faced by businesses in order for them to prosper. We strive to understand our clients' operations and the detail of...   More

26/11/2019, 06:12 PM

SLGs Value Added Services

As part of its holistic value-added services to its customers, Spring Lights Gas, (SLG) continues to emphasise on strategic relationships and innovative energy solutions to the piped and compressed natural gas...   More

26/11/2019, 06:02 PM

Tim Tyrrell - We Can Be Prosperous, Corruption Free Says OUTA

One of the biggest questions facing South Africans today is how do we make our country work for all. The answer however is not simple but, rather like anything South African, multifaceted. For starters where...   More

26/11/2019, 05:52 PM

Widescale Innovation At Blythedale Coastal Estate

There has been a large push to keep Blythedale ahead of the curve in the push for residential lifestyle and innovation. One such way this trend continues is that this development is now the first in Africa to...   More

26/11/2019, 05:46 PM

Grant Gavin - Meeting Expectations Is A Fail

Your best, most treasured memories and experiences are so often unexpected. Your sports team winning a final as underdogs. An unexpected bonus from your boss. Finding money in your old jeans. I'm sure you...   More

26/11/2019, 04:47 PM

Zululand Chamber Business Excellence Awards 2019

The Zululand Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZCCI) annual Business Excellence Awards were held in November. They were the highlight of the ZCCI's illustrious year. Congratulations to all the trophy...   More

26/11/2019, 04:26 PM

SmartXchange MICTE SMME Awards 2019

The SmartXchange MICTe (Media, Information Communication Technology and Electronics) business incubator celebrated its annual SMME awards at the Durban Country Club. The event, which is held annually, honours...   More

26/11/2019, 04:13 PM

Parklands College - Kelp Drinking Straws Invention Wins Gold At Cape Town Expo For Young Scientists

Every year Parklands College runs an internal Science Expo for its cohort of Grade 10 Physical Science learners. The Expo offers opportunities for investigations following the Scientific Method and Engineering...   More

26/11/2019, 04:04 PM

Nedbank PMCB Awards 2019

The Nedbank Pietermaritzburg & Midlands Chamber of Business Awards, presented at the annual banquet, was a glittering affair that recognised companies and individuals for their exemplary achievements in 2019....   More

26/11/2019, 03:55 PM

2019 KZN Exporter Of The Year Awards

The Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry, in partnership with Transnet Port Terminals (TPT), recently announced the winners of the 2019 KwaZulu-Natal (KZN) Exporter of the Year Awards. The 2019 KZN...   More

26/11/2019, 03:44 PM

Minara Business Awards Winners 2019

The Minara Chamber of Commerce Business Awards and Gala Dinner 2019 was an evening of networking. The gala dinner was attended by businesspersons, professionals, community leaders, 18 dynamic finalists and six...   More

26/11/2019, 03:37 PM

Fareed Amod - Does Straightening Crooked Teeth Matter

A smile is one of the first things that others see about us and is one of the things that make that first impression of you in the minds of others. A happy expression can make you appear more approachable and...   More

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