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Business Sense recognised as a Voice of Durban Business

Business Sense recently celebrated its fifth year of publication as its first edition was launched in August 2014. This anniversary was especially noteworthy as Business Sense was recognised as a "Voice of Durban Business" by the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry at its annual Gala dinner.

The inception of Business Sense was prompted by Andrew Layman in his position of then CEO of the Durban Chamber with the goal of being "a voice of business" which makes the recognition significant. The publication has evolved over time to meet the needs of the changing publishing environment.
Publisher Grant Adlam says, "We thank the Durban Chamber of Commerce and Industry for acknowledging our role in providing information on the relevant issues impacting on business and driving the economy of the province."

The goal of Business Sense has been to provide:
In depth think pieces on current industry trends
Updates on public policy
Business data from regional and national experts
Business chamber initiatives and events
Personal growth and development insights
New technology /IT trends
Tourism news
Good news features
Business Sense is published every second month and is unique in that a variety of platforms - print, website, social media and targeted email campaigns - are used to reach its readership in a holistic manner.

The distribution of the printed tabloid copies includes: airport lounges, business chamber office distribution, business partners and selected coffee shops. General articles are carried on the Business Sense web page. These articles are archived and searchable on the internet as well as benefit from search engine optimisation and excellent website rankings.

We look forward to continuing to be a "Voice of Durban" concluded Adlam.

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