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Invest Durban - Top Investment Promotion Agency

Invest Durban Unit has won something of a "doublecrown" set of awards this year. At the June 2019 World Forum for FDI in Sydney, the respected international Conway Group of investment analysts and advisors bestowed the award of 2019's "Top Metropolitan Investment Promotion Agency" for the whole African continent to our Invest Durban Unit.

Secondly, via a completely separate and independent process, another authority conveyed a similar award on this same unit.

At a ceremony held in July in London, an organisation known as Capital Finance International, working in collaboration with the United Nations, World Bank, NEPAD and other authorities, nominated and awarded Invest Durban Unit as the "Best City Investment Promotion Team for Africa" in 2019.

These two awards and certificates will take pride of place in the growing accolades for eThekwini's investment promotion and facilitation authority. The Invest Durban Unit Team wishes to give thanks to all supportive partners and stakeholders whom have positively assisted this great work, and constructively participated in helping us earn these top achievements, together... for the benefit of ALL.

 Invest Durban - Top Investment Promotion Agency.PNG
 Invest Durban - Top Investment Promotion Agency.pdf

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