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Blythedale Coastal Estate - Africas First Eco Smart City

Blythedale Coastal Estate, located on the KZN North Coast, is set to become 'Africa's first Eco-Smart City'. It was conceptualised with the long-term future in mind. There are a whole host of reasons that this estate, due to its technological focus and environmental sustainability, can be considered the first eco-smart city in Africa. By being almost 80% off grid, this smart estate will greatly reduce reliance on supplied electricity, and other municipal services.

Blythedale Coastal Estate's integrated concepts encompass potable water systems, wastewater treatment, energy supply, connectivity and waste management. Independent electricity will be generated through solar power and natural gas, with smart storage solutions to ensure there is a consistent supply of electricity to estate residents. Usage of power will be maximised through energy-saving methods at household level. Plans are in place to make Blythedale Coastal Estate drought-proof, and mostly non-reliant on dwindling water supplies. This will be done through Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) desalination.

Some of the additional features that will make Blythedale an eco-smart city, are fibre to the home (FTTH) and estate-wide 5G Wi-Fi. This lightning-fast internet connectivity will pair with Blythedale's Holistic Estate App, designed for mobile. It will also provide for redundancy if either of these aforementioned internet services are not working. The app eases guest estate access, allows for smart Estate Utility Management, and provides a quick and easy link to vital Blythedale Coastal Estate services, with security the most important. Suppliers have been identified to promote connectivity in your home, where televisions, microwaves, air conditioners, light switches, and practically any appliance you can think of, will be safely linked to your phone for ease of use.

Blythedale Coastal Estate is the prime example of an inclusive, mixed-use development. Within its 1000ha, it will include both private and public schools, with retail areas and office parks on its borders. This is before mentioning the 3km long beachfront boulevard (complete with restaurants, bars, and beach clubs), 320ha indigenous coastal forest (with trails for running, cycling, and equestrian), 3km of river frontage, and additional abundance of natural splendour. To integrate development with the natural wonders of Blythedale, all homes and gardens on the estate have Eco Design Guidelines, such as non-invasive and nature-inspired architecture, and gardens consisting of indigenous plants and grasses.

The construction of public infrastructure continues steadily at Blythedale, with the roads in the first phase of the development beginning to take shape. More construction taking place is the nearly completed water reservoir, which will be a secondary water supply for the estate. As the estate opens up, more properties are becoming available for purchase.

The most recent release is Phase 2A, consisting of 46 spacious plots with stunning views of the Indian Ocean, with many of these properties located on the front row, relative to the ocean. Almost 60% of these Phase 2A properties have already been sold. These perceptive buyers have acted quickly, and will see great expected returns once the gatehouse and fence line are completed. There's still a chance to act on your instinct, return to nature, and be one of Blythedale Coastal Estate's innovative homeowners.

Contact eLan Real Estate for more information:
T: 086 100 2001

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