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Promoting Success in KZN

KZN Top Business is a unique content marketing company that creates and distributes relevant information about businesses through a range of communication channels: digital, social, video, print etc. We assist in driving the visibility of KwaZulu-Natal brands, including building relationships and improving client retention through targeted campaigns.

The annual KwaZulu-Natal Top Business Portfolio is now in its 21st year of publication. The Portfolio's ongoing success has been achieved through the use of a comprehensive and well ranked multimedia website which is well optimised on a variety of search engines, social media tools. a hard copy handbook as well as a digital version and a growing series of YouTube videos.

Apart from the KZN Top Business Portfolio, we have again published a separate KwaZulu-Natal Leaders' Portfolio profiling our provinces' business leaders. This information is also available on our website (

This year we are excited to expand our multimedia features. Following the successful launch of the KZN Leaders video interviews in 2018, we expanded this offering to include KZN Brand DNA video interviews. The KZN Brand DNA stories are also featured in a limited-edition coffee table book.

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