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Keynote Speaker in Demand - David Allen

From stuttering schoolboy to international keynote speaker, has earned his stripes as a thought-provoking speaker to many different industries and about many different subjects. His subjects include leadership, communication, dealing with gossip and criticism, problem solving, lateral thinking, and interview techniques. His latest subject, body language, is in huge demand as it talks to old and young, professional and personal and is responsible for many 'aha' moments from his audiences.

David's engaging style of addressing his audiences is one of the reasons why his listeners easily become doers of what they have learnt. The information that he shares is always practical and easily applied.
But what makes David an expert? The same things that makes anyone an expert... experience, consistency and passion for his craft.

You may ask what experience he has? Well here are a few examples. David has owned many businesses and been involved in the community in various ways. From being part of a special tactical task force working with the late, great Nelson Mandela, to hostage negotiations and police reservist, to owning a video store, a courier company, tombstones sales, a restaurant, a pub, to leadership camps for youths and a few others.

The common thread? Working with people. Firstly, as consumers and secondly getting the most out of people as staff and colleagues.

Combining his own personal experiences with that of others and extensive training techniques acquired by special law enforcement experience, David has become an undisputed expert in dealing with people. Knowledge he is very passionate about sharing.

Currently, David speaks regularly on three continents with more and more establishments begging for repeat visits. He is the director of the award-winning Leadership Training Programme in York in England and Leysin in Switzerland, lectures at Babson College and Bentley University in Boston, as well as Harvard University in Cambridge, USA. David also lectures at the Young Presidents Organisation in Manhattan, which on its own is a rather impressive notch in his belt when you understand who these members are. Not forgetting a national footprint right here in South Africa with Greystone Camp and Camp Solomon, which he co-runs with his business partner Alfred Eden. These camps all concentrate on leadership, effective communication and basic inter-personal skills.

David is also busy completing his second and third books, the first of which was 'Leadership in the Trees'.
Although David is an undisputed authority in body language, he will be the first to let you know that he sometimes gets it wrong - just ask his wife Debbie, she'll tell you. But as he explains, it's something you can switch on and off at will. The key is to know the tell-tale signs of good and bad in body language first and be able to act and react accordingly when required.
hen in a professional environment, you certainly want to know all about body language as it may just mean signing a massive contract, sealing a big deal or making more sales. Sometimes though you simply can't afford to get it wrong. For example, in a tense hostage negotiation or other life-threatening event. It means the difference between life or death.

For the most of us though, we want to be better at our relationships be they personal or professional and body language is an incredible advantage. So, the only question left is "how proficient are you and your staff at reading body language?" <

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