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Elan Property - The rise of webinars

The world is in an even more turbulent state than usual, and individuals, families, and businesses have been forced to adapt in order to survive and stay relevant in the changing face of society.

Many countries have been forced to take drastic measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, with countries such as South Africa entering lockdown. We may be nearing the full reopening of our economy; however, worldwide trends have emerged during social distancing that will change the face of business forever. People are getting used to working from home, and technology is growing and evolving to allow this to happen with relative ease. This could change the way many industries conduct business, and the property sector is no different.

Will online shopping and viral paranoia kill retail spaces? Is residential property set for a comeback as people work from home? COVID-19 has presented the world with many problems, but there are also many business opportunities that will arise in the new post-COVID reality.

These new opportunities have emerged in the digital space and are set to shape and define marketing trends for the foreseeable future. One such trend (and probably the most major) is the widescale adoption of Zoom and other videoconferencing technology for meetings and webinars. Several companies have adopted webinars for marketing their products and services during lockdown, and in the property development space, one of the leaders is eLan Property Group. Hosted by Derek Watts, Let's Talk Property was launched by eLan in the early stages of SA's countrywide lockdown, and has played host to a multitude of well-known panellists.

With a different topic each week, thousands of interested viewers have flocked to watch engaging discussions centered on interesting topics in the world of property. Another successful property webinar is Real Estate Investor Talk, hosted by Neale Petersen and REI. The two webinars have merged, and are relaunching every Wednesday from 11:00 - 12:30. Check out eLan Property Group's Facebook page for more information.

The teams behind these two webinars have joined forces to conceptualise the revolutionary Virtual Property Masterclass. The topic is "Buying Your First Property: Step-by-Step Expert Education". It's a four-hour educational virtual seminar, where viewers will be informed and educated by over 60 property experts. For free.

Topic: "Buying Your First
Property: Step-by-Step Expert Education"
Date: Thursday 13 August
Time: 09h00 - 13h00
Venue: Zoom Webinar
Hosts: Derek Watts & Ipeleng Mkhari
Total estimated delegates: 10 000 people

People of influence and expertise in the property industry are being assembled to provide the public with a vastly educational seminar-style webinar, with 60 panellists informing and educating the property-hungry public on the fundamentals behind investing in property.

The format is as follows: the hosts and initial panel will give address the 10 000 delegates for an hour in the main virtual conference room. Thereafter delegates will be given their choice of five topic-specific breakout rooms to attend and learn according to their own preferences. After the second hour, delegates can choose from a further eight breakout rooms, before an hour-long summary and explanation of downloadable materials.

The teams involved in bringing this revolutionary free webinar to the public are extremely excited about the opportunity, and the value they can add in helping to educate and guide people on their property journey.

To register, visit the eLan Property Group website and sign up for the Virtual Masterclass. Alternatively, find the "Virtual Property Masterclass" event on Facebook and register through that.


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