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Grant Adlam - Always Evolving as a Publishing House

Over the last two months of lockdown I've had numerous calls from the business sector asking me how I have survived while other publishers are going under by the day. The main question asked is, “What have you done differently?”

The answer to that question is quite simple. Since our origins in 1998, we have always been evolving as a publishing house. We introduced the KZN business community to the internet way back in 1999 and today our website is ranked in the top half of percent of the world, which is incredible .

We also started marketing content in 1999 and that's what we still do today. KZN Top Business specialises in putting good news and product information in the public domain by using print media, the internet, social networking platforms, mass email tools and more recently using video content.
As a publishing house, we:
• Use good old-fashioned solid writing
• Have an extensive business community network
• Have developed an extensive subscriber database over the last 22 years
• Have expanded our social platforms to include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter and the all-important one YouTube.
• Use video content to drive traffic to our website. In addition, all of our video interviews are now conducted online on our very own platform.

Video marketing is the essential addition you can make to showcase your business! Video provides a powerful combination of written content and visual/hearing content. It's the ultimate marriage of communication tools. Video marketing will assist in promoting your products or services, including educating your customers and clients, and helping you to reach new markets. As well as more brands utilising videos, consumers are now watching more videos than before. The fast-expanding audience is fuelling rapid growth in demand from advertisers, making online video the fastest-growing digital channel by advertising expenditure.
Through our different communication platforms such as KZN Top Business Portfolio, KZN Business Sense and our new “Coffee with Grant Online”, we seek to offer the best solution for our clients’ varied communication needs. This solution depends on the context and the content of the message.
In summary, we can
• Write the article
• Print the article
• Record a video remotely to back up the content
• Blog the content via the different mediums on our social networks and internet sites
• Send the content to an email database throughout the whole of KZN
You will be amazed at the outcome – it’s this multifaceted approach to content management that makes us successful as a publishing house .

If you would like to be profiled in the KZN Top Business Portfolio, have an interview through our video series “Coffee with Grant Online” or become an editorial partner in KZN Business Sense, your first step is to call Tracy at our office on 031 7011445 or better still email her on

Let's set the appointment up to have a chat. This can be through Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp or even a good night fashioned phone call, but let's have that conversation.

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