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Noda will disrupt the old normal - David Yapp

Whilst most sentences start with the doom and gloom of the current state of the world’s economy, ours begins with a story of success, hard work and achievement. An entertainment product like few others that will save the ailing hospitality and retail industry billions of Rands annually. A product that will allow all hospitality to significantly reduce their reliability on traditional linear entertainment (TV) and provide a world class on demand platform that is driven off their mobiles by Noda. It gives us all great excitement and a profound sense of achievement to see the fruition of 20 months of intense work. The effort from our local team, Steven Heyns, Peter Turner and David Yapp together with the American, Pakistani and Dubai counterparts has been incredible.
What started as a simple solution to a request from a client has mushroomed into the Ultimate Content Delivery Platform. Noda.

The parent company, Music Now SA is happy to announce that 1 July 2020 will be the official launch of Noda into the retail market. Noda is app based, downloaded for free from the i-Store or Google Play Store and is available for smart phones on Android 5.1 and ios 6 and above. Noda will also be available for Smart TV's.

Noda offers three platforms:

1. Noda Music. Made by DJs and licensed for retail but, can be used and enjoyed by anyone who loves great music. The ethos behind Noda Music is that each playlist has a psychological feel that runs through the entire playlist of music making sure that if you like the first few songs well, you will LOVE the rest. Also featured is a first for the Retail music environment - Noda Royalty Free playlists. 2 types of genres (Adult Contemporary and POP) compiled especially for you by our
DJ team from an international supplier, that when played exclusively in your place of business, do NOT require any licenses from Samro, Sampra or any of the other licensing bodies in South Africa. The smart rotation maximises the listenability with fewer repeats. User interaction allows you to skip as many times as you want, select all or certain tracks to be downloaded and available for offline playback or just make your own playlists from the Noda Music library.

Noda Will never play adverts between your songs. Your first month is on us and there after R199/user. Once you have logged on and created an account plug your phone into your amplifier and just let the music play.

2. Noda Net. The ultimate content rich On-Demand video platform designed for
hospitality, Hospitals and all forms of transportation and large places of gatherings.
Noda Net has unique architecture, where all content is stored on a local server and
distributed to the guest’s handset by the premises Wi-Fi - Don’t have Wi-Fi? Don’t worry, one can be installed or yours upgraded with ease. Each server uses the premises internet connection to stay connected to Noda Cloud. This is where the Smart Licensing is applied allowing a group of hotels to share 1 pool of licenses across all their guests. This saves the client millions of Rands annually. Content is made up of Hollywood movies and TV shows together with the Noda bespoke channels, eBooks, and other entertainment that is refreshed weekly. Noda Net is R199 per license and Noda Music can be added for an extra R100 per license.

3. Noda White label. This is where any company that is looking for a way to connect all their employees together can own a white label license for Noda and make the app their own. Noda will manage the content and distribute it to the various premises around South Africa and the World. All the existing services on Noda are available as add-ons to the white label product. This price is on request based on the specific client brief.

Noda will disrupt the old normal whilst crafting a new one that ushers in an entertaining future at half the price.

Press Release: Noda App Launch
Compiled By : David Yapp
Date : 22nd of April 2020

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